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Sunday there was a surprise gathering of former Weston officials in the front yard of Kim Kirby’s home where she was presented a plaque acknowledging her 20 years of service to the City of Weston as City Clerk.   
Mayor Steven George said the City did not provide an official recognition of Kim’s retirement via plaque at her request. He and Former Mayor Cliff Harvey were not present.
Five of seven mayors she served with are pictured with her, left to right, Cindy Seward, Greg Hoffman,  C.R. Carter appearing via FaceTime on Mrs. Kirby’s phone, Kent Stelljes and Howard Hellebuyck. The longest serving mayor, Howard, gave brief remarks before presenting the plaque. He confirmed the sentiment of the small crowd that Kim’s service was instrumental to the success of the city and the mayors that served during her employment. 
Also at the presentation were Kim’s husband, David), son Coy, daughter Andrea and son-in-law Nick Martinkovic  and their son Noah, mom Jean Robertson, aunt June Kisker, former City Attorney (now Judge) Quint & Christy Shafer and Kathy Youngblood.

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