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Kelsey & Clif Lintner

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Navy sent and we ran a picture of Kelsey Lintner on board the USS America. Turns out, it was the first day of a Navy Tiger Cruise, designed to let parents experience their childrens’ daily routines.
Clif Lintner, Weston, took the trip from Pearl Harbor to San Diego January 25 through February 2. “We slept in the sailors racks and took tours of the ship,” he said. “I met up with the Master Chief, and he let me dress up and hang out with the flight deck directors.”
“The best part was spending time with my daughter and sharing the Navy with her.” Mr. Lintner was a Yellow Shirt (flight deck director) on the USS Midway while in the Navy.
He said it was also great to relive his Navy days during flight operations. “I’m glad I did this,” he said. “But it was much easier to sleep in the racks at 19 than 53!

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