By Caleb Marriott
DeKalb surrendered two grand slams in their home opener to Platte Valley in a 19-3 loss in four innings April 1.
DeKalb head coach Aaron Matthews said that the game wasn’t the best effort from his team and that they need to improve on their pitching efficency.
“We started out okay,” Matthews said.  “The third inning got a little rough and then the fourth inning didn’t help out any. We just need to get more consistent around the strike zone and pitching wise.”
The Tigers used three pitchers, senior Monty Midland, junior Wyatt Ashpaugh and junior Darrin McElfresh, and they combined to give up eight walks and three home runs.
DeKalb senior Josh Bomberger believed that the team did a good job with batting, especially in the latter innings.
“I thought the game went pretty well as far as batting, especially in the latter innings,” Bomberger said. “Fielding could’ve been a little better, but overall I’d say it’s a pretty decent game.”
In the final two innings DeKalb scored their only three runs and was able to get six hits.  Senior Kolbie Hargrave and Ashpaugh each recorded two hits each. Ashpaugh and Bomberger each recorded one RBI.
Matthews agreed with Bomberger that the team did a better job hitting wise in the latter innings.
“In the latter innings our bats started coming around a little bit and we got base runners on and got a couple runs so that’s always a positive,” Matthews said.
Platte Valley was led by senior Koby Stoll, who recorded three hits and 5 RBIs, and junior Dalton Luke, who recorded two hits and 5 RBIs.
Senior Coyote Henderson believes that this game will be able to show the team that there are still areas of improvement before they can be successful.
Matthews agrees with Henderson and believes the team has to continue to build on the good things they’re doing.
“We just have to keep building,” Matthews said. “Anything positive for us right now is a good thing. So, we have to build on the positive things.”
Bomberger said that it finally felt nice to have a home game rather than having to travel to games.
“It felt good (to play at home),” Bomberger said. “It kind of sucks to always have those hour plus bus rides, so it was nice to be able to play here.”  



bWest Platte won the Nate Danneman Relay, their home track and field meet on Saturday, April 13.
     The girls varsity team won by amassing 203.5 points in a field of 14.  KC Lutheran was second with 93 points, North Platte third with 85 points, Mid-Buchanan fourth with 61.3 points, barely edging fifth place Plattsburg with 61points.  The West Platte JV team finished in 12th place with 5 points.
    The boys won with 181 points, followed by Mid-Buchanan in second place with 93 points, North Platte third with 77 points, and KC Lutheran fourth with 73 points..

West Platte Boys & Girls Track & Field Teams Win Home Meet


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DeKalb Falls to Platte Valley at Home