Class 1, District 3 Football Records and Game Results

Polo 5-0
North Platte 4-1
Crest Ridge 4-1
Windsor 3-2
Midway 2-3 West Platte 2-3
Lincoln 1-4
Wellington-Napoleon 0-5
Skyline 0-5
September 22 Game Results
Adrian 48 Lincoln 8
Lawson 54 West Platte 27
Crest Ridge 60 Lone Jack 0
North Platte 48 Conway Christian 12
Polo 21 South Harrison 6
Tipton 52 Wellington-Napoleon 12
Windsor 26 Midway 14
Forsyth 48 Skyline 8

To adapt to the changing status of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Missouri, MDC’s CWD Surveillance and Management Plan was revised in 2022. The original plan was developed after detecting the first cases of the disease in the state in 2010, then revised in 2015. Since then, CWD has been detected in new areas of the state, and distribution of the disease has expanded in some areas where it was previously detected.
When revising the plan, MDC assessed the need for deer hunting regulation changes within the CWD Management Zone. Because deer numbers are increasing in most counties in the CWD Management Zone, and deer density can affect CWD spread, additional deer harvest is needed in these counties to prevent further increases in deer numbers and help minimize the spread of CWD.
Deer numbers are also increasing in most counties outside of the CWD Management Zone. To keep deer numbers at desirable levels, additional antlerless harvest is needed in these counties to help stabilize the growing population.

Changes to deer hunting regulations for the 2023-24 deer season will increase hunting opportunities in the CWD Management Zone and give hunters more opportunity to harvest antlerless deer in most counties outside of the CWD Management Zone.
A goal of MDC’s deer program is to manage the deer population at a level that satisfies hunters and wildlife viewers and does not create unsafe driving conditions or overburden farmers. The new 2023-24 deer season regulation changes will help meet this management goal.
Regulation Changes for the 2023-24 Deer Season

Regulation changes for the 2023-24 deer season include a new firearms early antlerless portion, a new firearms CWD portion, and changes to firearms antlerless permit numbers in most counties.

Slow Start Leads To Blue Jays Loss 

2023-24 Deer Season Dates

KCI Conference Standings and Game Results
SCHOOL         OVERALL  CONFERENCE East Buchanan 5-0 3-0
North Platte 4-1 1-1
Mid-Buchanan 4-1 2-0
Lathrop 2-3 0-2
Penny (Hamilton) 2-4 1-2
West Platte 2-2 0-2
Lawson 1-4 1-2
(Note: Only seven schools are listed since Plattsburg is competing in 8-man)
Results - September 22 Games
East Buchanan 48 Penney 0
Lawson 54 West Platte 27
Mid-Buchanan 42 Lathrop 6
North Platte 48 Conway Christian 12

Lawson Cardinals entered their Homecoming game with a record of no wins and four losses.  They were determined to give every effort not to lose at Homecoming.
The Cardinals took the opening kickoff on a drive that ended with a touchdown.  They were successful with on onside kick and again scored on their drive.  
By the time the Blue Jays got the ball for the first time they were already behind 14-0.  Later the Blue Jays closed the margin to just 10 points but couldn’t sustain a drive to close the gap.  The defense couldn’t stop the Cardinals and eventually losing by a score of 27 to 54.
West Platte offense was productive with 216 yards rushing and 149 yards passing.  Coach Jim Newsted praised quarterback Kane Cogan and running back Dominic Williams saying they played “exceptionally well.”
The defense had difficulty stopping the Cardinal, who gained 436 yards in the game.
This Friday the Blue Jays host the defending state champs, the East Buchanan Bulldogs.  They are 5-0 this year and have one of the best running backs in the state.

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Chronic Waste Surveillance Area Expanded


Weston • Platte County • Missouri

2023-24 Archery Deer and Turkey Hunting
Sept. 15 to Nov. 10, 2023, and Nov. 22 to Jan. 15, 2024

2023-24 Firearms Deer Hunting
New: Firearms Early Antlerless Portion: Oct. 6-8 (in open counties)
Firearms Early Youth Portion: Oct. 28-29
Firearms November Portion: Nov. 11-21
New: Firearms CWD Portion: Nov. 22-26 (in open counties)
Firearms Late Youth Portion: Nov. 24-26
Firearms Late Antlerless Portion: Dec. 2-10 (in open counties)
Firearms Alternative Methods Portion: Dec. 23 – Jan. 2, 2024​

All counties are open Oct. 6-8, 2023, for the early antlerless portion of firearms deer season, and Dec. 2-10, 2023, for the late antlerless portion of firearms deer season 
The following counties are closed for the early and late antlerless portions of the 2023-24 firearms deer season: 
Far northwest counties Andrew, Atchison, Nodaway and Holt: 
Far southeast counties of Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Iron, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard, and Wayne.