A four-school scrimmage at West Platte gave players some real-life practice Friday.
Players from West Platte, North Platte, Mid Buchanan and Oak Park took turns opposing each other in half-field scrimmages. Coaches watched the action from the field instead of the side lines.
In the stands, the crowd was sparce, but that didn’t faze Dennis Whalen, president of the Quarter Back Club.
“The Scrimmage went well,” he said. “Having it in the morning did not help with the donations, but having other teams there helped our kids with practice that they cannot do on their own.”
“A lot of kids got a lot of exposure to real play,” Jake Danneman said. “A lot of cream is starting to rise to the top. They’re figuring out their roles now. It’s hard to get a look at them in practice.”
The late Nate Danneman had planned the scrimmage before he was killed in a car accident at the end of the school year.
West Platte’s Head Coach Paul Thomas said he was not a fan of scrimmages, but this one had been outstanding. “I’m glad Nate did it for the good of our kids and the team,” he said. “The best part is they all came out healthy.”
This was a football camp. Practice starts July 31, and a Jamboree will be held at West Platte August 10 at 6:00. The Back to School Issue will be out August 2.

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