It’s been real entertaining, the election, then the last nine months of the Trump Administration. Mind boggling in its departure from anything resembling normal government, it’s been an interesting ride.
But that was before North Korea asserted that our Dear Leader had insulted their Dear Leader and we appear to have declared war on one another.
The back and forth between these two man-children would be amusing if we were living in a Peter Sellers movie (Dr. Strangelove for the non fans). But this is real life with real consequences.
There are reasons to go to war, even if it’s just to prop up your ratings, but slipping into it unintentionally is just criminal. It’s like killing someone as you drive drunkenly down the road, but on a much, much larger scale. In this case, it could result in catastrophic damage and destruction across the entire Pacific Rim. If you believe North Korea, nukes might even reach Washington, D.C. Or how about the Army’s brain trust - Ft. Leavenworth?
Whatever you think about our so-called “Ruling Class” in the nation’s capital, nuking the whole bunch is not really a productive way to make a change. If the destruction of the World Trade Buildings threw the nation into an economic slump, what happens when that whole city incinerates?
No doubt, we are in search of a solution to North Korea. Their Dear Leader wants to Be Some Body, and if double-dog daring ours to do something will get Mr. Kim the world’s respect (read “fear”), it looks like he’ll do it. So far, it looks like our Dear Leader will take the bait and raise him one.
So let’s plead with President Trump to cool it. After that, probably all we can do is load up on bottled water, freeze-dried food and lots of bandages. Time to start those duck and cover exercises.

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Beth McPherson, Editor

Opinion and Local