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Evergy, Platte-Clay Electric and a number of utilities across the midwest are sending crews to Louisiana to help get the lights back on after Hurricane Ida slammed into the southern coast  over the weekend. Thank goodness New Orleans and other locations had learned the lessons of Katrina and strengthened defenses.
The money spent saved millions in this event. We all need to learn the lesson, not because we’re hurricane prone, but disasters happen everywhere and the effects can be lessened with good planning.
Planning starts at home. You can find a checklist of basic needs for disaster planning (see below). Think food, shelter and water for you and your pets. You can find it at https://www.ready.gov/ along with a lot of information for specific disasters.
September is National Preparedness month, so take advantage of the information and time you have available now.

The time to deny Global Warming/whacky weather really is over. Scientists have been sounding the alarm for years, and now their warnings have been proven. 
We can see the effects across the globe and in some areas, they are dire. Fixes are going to have to come from every level, from huge multi-nationals right down to the choices we make in our homes.
This issue reminds me of the 1980’s when big tobacco was still denying tobacco’s effects on lungs. 
We were sitting in the cafe one morning, and some tobacco farmers were talking about another farmer who had just died of lung cancer. “Well,” one of them said, “He smoked almost all his life.”
That was when we realized that the PR guys and their attorneys could keep fighting  regulations and restrictions, but the battle for the public mind was already lost. A lot of tobacco farmers, those whose livelihood still depended on smoking, had already accepted the science.
As hurricanes and wildfires get larger and more destructive, we hear the same result. Most people have accepted the science and are ready for solutions. Many people generally want to do what they can to stop the continued warming - they just need solutions they can use and leaders who hold the big polluters accountable. 

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Beth McPherson, Editor

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