Don’t Panic!

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Beth McPherson, Editor

If you’re a Douglas Adams fan, you’ll recognize advice from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” In the book’s opening chapter, the earth is about to be destroyed, when Arthur Dent is rescued by alien Ford Prefect. Arthur gives him the book to help him navigate the universe, now that his home plant has been destroyed.
In addition to “Don’t Panic,” the book advises the reader to always carry a towel because of all the uses you can put it to.
As the Coronavirus makes its way around the globe, it’s useful to think, “Don’t panic and always carry disinfecting wipes.”
The advice about not touching your face? That’s because we use our hands to touch so many other things that might have any number of viruses on them. Worst of all is probably other people’s hands and then the things they have touched.
Not that we haven’t been through this before. Lots of public restrooms now have wastebaskets near the door because so many people started using paper towels to dry their hands THEN use the towels to keep from touching the door handle. That is to keep from touching the handle other people might have touched without washing their hands.
Flu viruses, e-coli, you name it - they’re all out there for us to avoid. What we’re doing now is what we should always be doing - taking precautions. Stockpiling at least three days worth of food and water in case of the need to shelter in place, keeping the gas tank full, a supply of prescription medicines and lots of other precautions.
It’s easy to go about daily living without making emergency preparations. In this case, it’s probably time to stop putting it off. We may not need to make them to get through this, but if we do, it’s better to be prepared - so there’s no panic.

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