Weston • Platte County • Missouri
Beth McPherson, Editor

  Opinion and Local

Below is an excerpt from Beth's editorial from this week.  The entire editorial may be found in this week's print copy of the Weston Chronicle or online here.

OK Enough with the COVID gloom and doom. It’s time to look on the bright side of things.
If you haven’t strolled around town, this is a great time to do it. Start downtown with the windows in the stores, then out into the neighborhoods to see the sights.
There are some very creative people in this town, and they are putting on a beautiful display for all of us. Whimsical, religious, heart-warming, child-pleasing -  there’s a light display for everyone.
Downtown, the displays change as the day progresses. Some are blasted by the sun, gleaming in the daylight. As the sun goes down, the interior lighting takes over the show, making for magical sights.
You can be inspired for your own decorations, or just enjoy the display someone else put together for you.
Of course, during the day you can also go in and shop. If there was ever a time not to get “malled,” this is it. Weekdays, we residents have the luxury of being able to enjoy a less crowded or hectic shopping time.
These are people who are bravely opening their doors to keep their businesses going and supply us with great gifts. Please shop with them for your own safety and the good of the entire town and area.
Check out the decorations, because next week, there may be a pop quiz! Be prepared, be happy and be safe.