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In the Bag

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Below is an excerpt from Beth's editorial from this week.  The entire editorial may be found in this week's print copy of the Weston Chronicle or online here.

All of a sudden, the leaves are falling, and fast!
If you want to do something to help butterflies and other insects, leave those leaves right where they are. Look on the lower sides of them, and you’ll often find the cocoons of larvae (sorry biologists, the terminology may not be quite correct, but the sentiment is). The larvae would be best left as they are, rather than chopped up or sent to the landfill.
If you must rake, rake the leaves into a flower bed or compost pile. Even ground cover plants can take some leaves, and as they disintegrate, they’ll improve the soil. You’ll notice forests don’t need fertilizer - they make their own.
If that doesn’t work for you, bring your bagged leave to our office and put them in the back of the pick up parked there (the blue one) - Still In The Bags! - and we’ll compost them. Leave a note for us and we’ll get your bags back to you - they need to be recycled, too.

We get loads and loads of e-mails, especially appeals for donations to candidates. We don’t mind - the delete button is really handy. But there’s a new trend that is downright creepy.
I first saw it in an appeal from Sen. Josh Hawley. He just won election to a six-year term last year, so I’m not sure why he’s fund raising now, but whatever.
This appeal was something new - the subject line was: “Where’s your name?”
It went on to say: “I’m sorry to send another email, but I checked the donor list and noticed your name wasn’t on it. This is a vital end of month fundraising deadline, and I need to know I have your support. Please give whatever you can before midnight and help us hit our goal for October.”
Excuse me, but send all the e-mails you want, but to then do a Santa on me and say you’re making a list and checking it twice is creepy verging on Big Brotherism.
Now, like a virus, it’s spread to other candidates.
I know fundraising is the life-blood of a campaign, but candidates, let’s ease off just a little. The people are supposed to be watching you, not the other way around.

Beth McPherson, Editor