What Will Congress Do?

Weston • Platte County • Missouri
Beth McPherson, Editor

  Opinion and Local

Below is an excerpt from Beth's editorial from this week.  The entire editorial may be found in this week's print copy of the Weston Chronicle or online here.

A week ago, a century in Trump time, the President was quoted by Associated Press saying China was stalling trade negotiations “through the 2020 election in hopes of being able to negotiate with a more malleable Democratic president.”
If that is truly the case, perhaps he needs to push for Congress to fund protections for the 2020 elections. After all, the Chinese are every bit as adept at computer shenanigans as the Russians.
Now that there’s a foreign power on the side of his political rivals, perhaps he’ll see the safety of our electoral system in a new light.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring any legislation on election security to a vote. He doesn’t want Congress to trespass on what he considers a state by state issue.
What would the reaction be if security officials were telling Republicans there was a danger to the integrity of our elections because the Chinese were working on behalf of the Democratic candidates? (And so far, we have heard nothing from them - just the President)
What IF they warned of the threat and Nancy Pelosi refused to bring legislation to improve election security to the floor of the House?
Long, long ago (a week) our trade reps were sitting down for the 12th round of trade talks. They didn’t go well, so now our President has put tariffs on everything coming out of China.
They, in return, have devalued their currency and shut off all purchases of our farm goods. It would not be a surprise if the Chinese wanted someone else to negotiate with.
We can give them someone who won’t wave the white flag in this trade war, but to work toward a cease fire. In the meantime, the Russians have to be smiling as two superpower rivals duke it out.
But back to 2020. It doesn’t really matter who you support, you should want fair elections.
The last thing we need is to be the target in a proxy (election) war between Russia and China.