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Below is an excerpt from Beth's editorial from this week.  The entire editorial may be found in this week's print copy of the Weston Chronicle or online here.

Gift Ideas in Weston

All over Weston, Small Businesses are supporting your town and region.
Small business owners support the Arts, Sports and Career Training at West Platte.
They donate and are part of the membership of Weston Rotary, Weston Lions, Weston Masonic Lodge, Weston Community Theatre, West Platte Foundation and  Weston American Legion.
They dedicate time and talent to the City government and the Chamber of Commerce.
They employ your friends, family and neighbors.
Most of all, they supply you with goods and services, providing a personal touch and assistance.
This weekend, and all through the Christmas Shopping Season, take a break from malls and big box stores and shop in town, with people you know and trust.
Being a small business owner is not easy. Every dollar counts in a small business. Every dollar generates money for the city to pave streets, support the police department and pay for amenities you probably take for granted - street lights, snow removal and much more.
This Christmas please consider spending shopping locally.

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Beth McPherson, Editor