Weston • Platte County • Missouri
Beth McPherson, Editor

  Opinion and Local

Letter to the editor. 
Since the City of Weston has new leadership, I have some advice and most of the folks in Weston will agree.  The elected officials of Weston owe it to themselves  and the city citizens to take a trip out Middle Road to the city property line, turn around and come back to Weston.  When city streets get in this condition, there is absolutely no excuse for it and this city responsibility is neglected yearly.
This situation is not about city workers; it is entirely about city elected officials.
While the city is addressing this ongoing issue, someone in city management can call the highway department and have it address the entrance to Bless Park which is also a joke and the highway department’s responsibility.
Neglect is never a good policy, nor is trying to avoid bridge issues, which is not a good campaign add.
The city workers do a very good job; most of the issues come from elected officials giving the appearance of not knowing where the problems are or not reacting to the problems.
Louis Smither, 23560 Nichols Road, Weston, Mo. 64098.

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