Last week we said farewell to a lady who had ink in her veins - Carolyn Larsen, former Editor of The Weston Chronicle. She was born into the Bless newspaper family and worked in the paper until she left for college. She traveled extensively as the wife of a military man, then returned to Weston and the paper. At that point, she became only the fifth editor of the first 113 years of the paper, and the first woman.
(J.B. Munday, B.J. Bless, Sr., B.J. Bless, Jr., Charles Bless, then Carolyn)
As the newcomers 34 years ago, we appreciated her support, help, and participation. She was a wonderful, knowledgeable person who always had time to ferret out a piece of history, for the paper and for folks visiting her great love, The Weston Historical Museum.
Carolyn loved her family, her friends and this town. We are all the poorer for her passing.

With the flu on a rampage through Missouri, and this area as well, it’s time to think hard about Vitamin C. We’ve been chugging down oranges and orange juice, but there are other foods high in C, like Brussels Sprouts and Kale.
Fortunately one of the best foods for Vitamin C is strawberries.
I asked Dr. Keith if chocolate was also a good flu fighter and she laughed, saying chocolate makes everything better (but it doesn’t have “C” in it. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, dip your very healthy strawberries in the ultimate comfort food - chocolate - and beat that flu bug!

Below is an exerpt from Beth's editorial from this week.  The entire editorial may be found in this week's print copy of the Weston Chronicle

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Beth McPherson, Editor