The Platte County Health Department has received its first shipment of Pfizer bivalent COVID vaccines. This vaccine is authorized for those aged 12 and above.
 Appointments for the bivalent Pfizer vaccine beganThursday, Sept. 15 at the Platte County Health Department’s Parkville location, 1201 East St. Those interested in making an appointment can do so by calling 816.587.5998.
 The bivalent vaccine contains the original strain of COVD in addition to the Omicron BA.4/BA.5 variants. Anyone 12 years and older who has completed the primary series and is two months out from the previous COVID dose is eligible.
 At this time, the health department doesn’t have Moderna bivalent vaccines, as production and shipping issues are occurring. It is unknown when Moderna vaccines will be available.

Platte County Health Receives Bivalent COVID Vaccines

 The women of Weston Christian Church started making apple dumplings 29 years ago to raise funds for our church.  The recipe came from one of our own, who was a teacher in the local school district. 
The women cored apples and rolled dough by hand.  The process has  been streamlined quite a bit since then and is now like a finely greased wheel.  It’s been God’s gift to this little church ever since! 
What started out as the labors of the ladies of our church making 250 apple dumplings has turned into over 7,000 dumplings in past years.
For the first time during Weston’s Apple Fest, Weston Christian Church will be serving their apple dumplings at the very church where these dumplings are made.  Come enjoy our delectable treats at 540 Washington Street, Weston, MO. 
We’ll be selling hot apple dumplings as well as frozen pans.  And why not?  God made the apple and it has served our church very well over the years. 
This will eliminate lines at the food court and give more space for others to sit and eat.  This is a  huge benefit to our commerce and an even larger benefit to be able to share God’s house. 
People have stood in long lines over the years to purchase our dumplings and the majority all say the same thing, “This is why we come to the Apple Fest, to get your apple dumplings.”  Though we have changed the location we will still have them to serve right in our


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Apple Dumplings Move to Weston Christian Church