Tessa Jimenez shared a corn dog with Paul Johnson during Applefest
Saturday. The Benedictine students came down to spend the day in
Weston. With temperatures in the 50’s, hot food and drink sold well.

Plan to Come to the P & Z Open House

The December 1 deadline for making good on a payment for bonds that financed the parking garages owned by Platte County at Zona Rosa came and went without a payment from Platte County.
“I have not been authorized or instructed to make any payments,” said County Treasurer Rob Willard. “The courts are dealing with it now. I believe there was a good faith effort to address this.”
On November 30, 2018, Judge James Van Amburg, Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court of Platte County, Missouri, denied a motion filed by UMB Bank, the trustee for the Zona Rosa Bonds, seeking an injunction to require Platte County, Missouri to pay the 2018 shortfalls on the Zona Rosa Bonds.
Platte County, Missouri is continuing to pursue its declaratory judgment action filed November 2, 2018. Todd Graves, attorney for the county in this matter, said two weeks ago that they hoped to have an expedited hearing before the end of the year. Instead, Judge Van Amburg set for a bench trial on May 24, 2018.
From bond holders perspective, Platte County has defaulted on a promise to pay the bonds if there are not enough sales taxes collected by the Transportation Development District for that purpose. The amount due December 1 was $1,409,750. The Trustee for the bonds had received less than $400,000 in July and August. There has been no update on the amount set to the Trustee.
On Tuesday, former Second District Commissioner Steve Wegner talked about how he, Betty Knight and Michael Short tried to protect the county’s credit rating while they were commissioners. He was defeated in a reelection campaign 14 years ago.
“I assumed these guys were business people,” he said of the present commissioners. “If you need to build something, you want to borrow and pay the least amount of interest you can." See more in the Print Edition or read it online here.

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Come see proposals from University of Kansas urban planning students that will maintain and enhance what makes Weston special on into the future.  
Each student has a poster describing their proposal and they will be at the open house next  to their poster ready to answer questions.  
The students used as an example the new, planned subdivision in the remaining 22 acres of Weston Estates (this will be Orchard Hill). The subdivision is planned to have 44 lots for single family homes.
The event is a come and go as you like event from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.  in the Bluejay Room at the West Platte Superintenden’s Office.
You will also be able to vote on the proposal you think fits Weston best.  The votes will be counted around 7:15 p.m. and announced at the end of the event.

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No Bond Payment Made by Platte County