Trash Fees to Rise 5%

School Closed for Flu Related Scrubbing
A month-long growth in influenza cases in the Weston area finally resulted in the closure of West Platte Schools Monday.
Two weeks ago, signs that the flu had arrived were growing at West Platte. By Monday, February 5, the flu was in full force with 60 students out of the elementary school. “After that, our elementary attendance went down about 10 per day,” said Dr. John Rinehart. “By Friday we were missing 103 out of 341. One Kindergarten class had only three kids.”
The high school/Jr. high wasn’t hit as hard, but there were 41 of 268 students out.
At that point, school administrators decided to pull the plug on Monday.
Custodians spent the morning scrubbing down the school, then misting the classrooms with that captures airborne substances and germs and viruses on surfaces, dropping them to the ground.
Depending on the strains, students have generally missed three to five days with this year’s flu. “We also seeing kids and adults catch secondary infections and get sick again,” Dr. Rinehart said. “This extra day will give them all the opportunity to get plenty of rest.”
Another opportunity is at the end of this week. West Platte will enjoy another three-day weekend, out for President’s Day February 19.

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Weston’s trash fees will go up five percent across the board, if Aldermen approve the increase at the March Board of Aldermen meeting.
The increase will raise the price of residential pickups by 77 cents per month, from $15.40 to $16.17. Small business trash will go up $1.27, from $25.30 to $26.57. At the higher end, a six-yard business dumpster will go from $198.20 to $208.11. Those using smaller dumpsters will see an increase of $3.25 to $6.61, depending on the frequency of pick ups.