October 23, 2019
Newly resurfaced tennis courts await play in the Ben Holladay Park in downtown Weston. Gone is the volleyball court, replaced by basketball goals and Pickle Ball court on one side and tennis court on the other. There is also a new entrance with concrete pad for accessibility.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded $2.54 million in financial assistance to Buchanan County Public Water Supply District No. 1 for upgrades to the district’s water distribution system.

October 30, 2019
Members of the Platte County Tax Advisory Committee continued to expand their scope of work Monday night, at their second meeting. The group meets at the Platte County Resource Center on Plaza Circle near the KCI Expo Center. At Monday’s meeting, they had an overview of the county’s revenue, explained by Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber.

November 6, 2019
Trick or Treating as ‘Little Mermaid’ characters, Christine Davenport and daughter Penelope were the people’s choice for best costumes on Main Street in Weston Halloween evening. Cold temperatures and early morning snow didn’t keep hundreds of kids and their families away from the festivities. Goodies were also given out at the Methodist and Baptist Churches, as well as area home.

November 13, 2019
Shane Bartee was the guest speaker Monday for the Veteran’s Day Celebration at West Platte. Also on the stage were Assist. Principal Ryan Ramey, Principal Vince Matlik and American Legion Post 501 Commander Mike Goentzal.
For some, Christmas is a year-round occupation. Saturday was the culmination of that work at the Christian Assembly Church. Packers finished putting 1,312 shoeboxes of goodies for children all over the world. They’ll be shipped out soon by Samaritan’s Purse-Operation Christmas Child so they reach those in need by Christmas.

November 20, 2019
Reflecting an adjustment in how water rates are figured for Water Districts 3 and 7, the Weston Aldermen passed ordinances for rates slightly lower than set earlier this year. The adjusted rates go into effect December 1 at $3.66 per thousand gallons for District 3 (down from $4.13), and $2.84 per thousand gallons for District & (down from $3.10). Districts add distribution costs to their customers, as does the city to its in-town customers.
After several years of losing varsity football seasons, 61 West Platte school fans and patrons have signed this petition to the school board demanding action to ‘fix West Platte Football’. The petition is available on Board Docs for the 6:00 November 20th regular School Board meeting under ‘Patron Communications’. The varsity football record this year was 1 win and 9 losses. The junior high teams also had losing records and many fans and parents have few expectations that the near future will show improvement.

November 27, 2019
The West Platte School Board received a petition and a letter about the junior high and high school football program under the Correspondence section of the agenda in the regular monthly meeting on November 20. They declined to discuss it in open session and did not talk about it with two members of the public who were there about the football program. Board president Ryan Rotterman encouraged patrons to read school policy BDDH on the school’s Board Docs. Since it’s against school policy to allow patrons to speak on anything other than ‘input on agenda items’ it would be ‘illegal’ to allow public comments on anything other than items on the approved agenda.
Weston Lodge #53 A.F. & A.M. developed a program approximately 27 years ago around Christmas time. The program has evolved into not only helping children with clothes but providing food to families who could use a helping hand during holidays.

December 4, 2019
Some of the oldest homes in Weston, all from the 1840’s, will open their doors to visitors this weekend for the 38th Annual Candlelight Homes Tour. Ticket sales have been brisk for Saturday’s tour, while many tickets are still available for the Sunday tour. The weather forecast at this time is for mild weather with highs around 50 degrees. That makes it a great time to get out and see Father Christmas, tour the homes and visit Weston’s stores.
This year’s Gingerbread House of Worship is Notre Dame Cathedral! When finished, it will have a backdrop of the streets of Paris, pained by Maresa Fisher, and maybe even a figure of Quasimodo.

December 11, 2019
A request by the Chamber to close Main St. and a block of Thomas St. for the 4th of July was tabled for more study at Monday night’s Board of Alderman meeting. Drew MacDonnell gave the Chamber report to the Board and said they were trying to grow the 4th of July event and get more tourists to town for it.
The Weston Board of Aldermen killed an ordinance for a Special Use Exception for Medical Marijuana Facilities in their meeting Monday night. They did not try to obstruct the exception for the facilities, but one Alderman wanted to allow for the facilities in more areas.

December 18, 2019
The County Commission’s Tax Advisory Committee has been given wide authority to look into the country’s revenue and expenses, but members were told Monday night that the County’s Road Tax would not be part of the study.
The state released the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) item summary data this year which provides a wealth of information on the information students are asked to answer on the test. Teachers were able to drill down through this data to find areas out students struggled as well as what type of questions challenge them the most.

December 25, 2019
More than 400 senior citizens had fruit plates delivered to them by 50 members of Weston Masonic Lodge #53, friends and supporters, on Saturday, December 21, 2019. It’s been an annual reminder to the 60+ aged members of the West Platte area that they are valued members of the community.
West Platte School Board passed an incentive plan for early notification by retiring teachers. Superintendent John Rinehart described the purpose is to better enable the district to replace retiring teachers. The Board voted 7-0 for the plan. During the discussion, Board member Ron Rowe said ‘we aren’t trying to force (early) retirements but the sooner we know the sooner we can get replacements.’
Merry Christmas!


On Friday, the City of Weston is expected to close on bonds to fund improvements to the sewer system in the works for the past five years. Sid Douglas, Gilmore & Bell, a Public Finance Law Firm, said they expected the bonds to sell with an interest rate of just 1.2 percent.
The Board of Aldermen had a brief special meeting Friday, January 24 to approve ordinances to set the bond sale in motion and an agreement with Irvinbilt Construction to do the work on the Weston Lagoon/Land Application Project.
The City now has three Water and Sewerage System Revenue Bonds outstanding.
The first is from 2006 for a new lagoon cell with an original principal amount of $800,000 with $345,000 remaining. The last payment of  $55,000 will be made in 2026.

DHSS continues to urge flu vaccination

A sign project estimated to cost $240,000 would bring four new signs to the West Platte campus, if approved by the board next month.  Under the “Construction” section of the January 15 School Board Agenda, the Board received the Architect’s report giving them cost estimates on possible new school signage.

Sewer Upgrades Ready to Go

School Board Considers New Signs

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DHSS continues to urge flu vaccination
Flu activity is currently widespread throughout Missouri. 11,171 cases of influenza have been reported in Missouri so far. 11 people have died from influenza-associated illness this season. Nationally, influenza activity remains high, and forecasts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that it will remain elevated for several more weeks.
As of Jan. 10, 32 pediatric deaths have occurred throughout the country this season, according to the CDC. Influenza B viruses have been reported more frequently than other influenza viruses. This type can cause severe illness in people of all ages, including children.
In past seasons, the percentage of influenza B viruses detected in children who died with influenza has generally been higher than the percentage of B viruses detected in the general pediatric population, and pediatric mortality from influenza B–associated hospitalizations has been reported to be higher than with influenza A–associated hospitalizations.
Flu vaccination remains the best way to prevent the flu and its potentially serious complications. Not only can it prevent flu, it has also been shown in several studies to reduce the severity of illness in vaccinated people who still get sick. 
A CDC study, which looked at data from four flu seasons between 2010 and 2014, found that flu vaccination reduced the risk of flu-associated death by half (51 percent) among children with underlying high-risk medical conditions and by nearly two-thirds (65 percent) among healthy children.  
“The high level of activity nationwide is concerning,” said Dr. Randall Williams, director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. “While we have not yet experienced the level of flu activity of all of our neighboring states, the traditional peak time of the season is still forthcoming.
“Now is the time to protect yourself and your children with a flu shot. It’s not too late. We’re also encouraging antiviral medication for people at high risk for flu complications, including children under age 2, as it can reduce morbidity and mortality.”
 Anyone over the age of 6 months is encouraged to be vaccinated. Pregnant women are also highly encouraged to receive the vaccination in order to protect the baby after birth and before it is old enough to receive its own vaccination. Antibodies can be passed onto the developing baby during the mother’s pregnancy.
The CDC recommends antiviral medications for the treatment of influenza, because antiviral treatment has shown clinical and public health benefit in reducing illness and lessening severe outcomes of influenza.

How can I prevent the flu?
• Get a yearly flu vaccination.
• Avoid close contact with sick people.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
• Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
• Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces.
• Stay home while you’re sick and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

How does the flu spread?
Flu viruses are thought to spread mainly from person to person through droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. Flu viruses also may spread when people touch something with flu virus on it and then touch their mouth, eyes or nose. Many other viruses spread these ways too. People infected with flu may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5-7 days after becoming sick. That means you may be able to spread the flu to someone else before you know you are sick as well as while you are sick. Young children, those who are severely ill, and those who have severely weakened immune systems may be able to infect others for longer than 5-7 days.

How do I know if I have the flu?
The flu usually comes on suddenly. People who have the flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:
• Fever or feeling feverish/chills
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Runny or stuffy nose
• Muscle or body aches
• Headaches
• Fatigue (tiredness)
• Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults

What should I do if I have the flu?
Most people with flu have mild illness and do not need medical care or antiviral drugs. If you get sick with flu symptoms, drink plenty of water and other clear liquids to prevent dehydration; get plenty of rest; and treat symptoms such as fever with over-the-counter medicines. In addition, you should stay home and avoid contact with other people except to get medical care. You should stay home for at least 24 hours after fever is gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.
Remember that groups of people at high risk for flu-related complications include children age 5 and under, adults older than 65, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems or chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease. If you have symptoms of the flu and are in a high risk group, or have questions or concerns, contact your primary health care provider.
For more information or to find a flu vaccine location near you, visit health.mo.gov/flu.

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