Thirty-three underprivileged children had their dreams come true Saturday as they shopped for their own and family members’ gifts. They were helped by members of the Platte County Sheriff’s Department and Wal-Mart.
“I think it’s wonderful,” said Isabella’s mother, Christina. “There’s great interaction with the officers, and the kids aren’t just thinking about themselves.”
Each child had a budget of $180 for clothing, with another $70 for toys, crafts, games and activities. Most bought gifts for their family members as well as themselves.
Bre’Asia, one of the shoppers, watched as Officer James Scott performed a magic trick with his ring. However, she said the best part of the day was shopping with Averi Scott, center, James’ daughter..

Holidays bring joy and love, but also remembrance of those who are no longer with us. 
A Celebration of Life will be held to honor those from the Weston area who have contributed to our way of life before passing away during 2022.  
Names of those who passed away in 2020 and 2021 will also be honored.
“Shining A Light - A Celebration of Life” will begin at 5:30 p.m. on the old football field at West Platte High School. It will include two hymns, with words furnished and a short celebration lead by Tom Weaver.
Attendees will leave carrying batter powered candles used during the ceremony.
The goal of the gathering is start a new holiday tradition that offers honor and comfort.

Bailey Hiatt welcomed tour participants to her home absolutely filled with Christmas cheer, Saturday and Sunday during the annual Candlelight Homes Tour. 
The Craftsman bungalow has retained its beautiful woodwork and is filled with auction finds.
Only two of the six homes have ever been on a homes tour before, and they were on long ago with different owners. 
The theme of the tour was “Remodeled, Restored, Rescued” as homes at 307 Washington, 865 Ashley, 839 Ashley, 422 Main, 1008 Washington and 874 Washington. There were 1200 tickets sold.

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1008 Washington

Shop With a Deputy Helps Needy Families


FCCLA/FACS/Lions Community Dinner 
12/09/22    11am-1pm 

Oven Roasted Turkey 
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy 
Green Beans  
Pumpkin Pie 
Chocolate Pie 
Cherry Pie 
Students involved in preparing/serving this meal
Middle School:  Evan Allen, Arian Anderson,Henry Bargmann,  Mariah Billings, Dalton Burns, Syerra Burnett, Katherine Carletti, Leo Cayer, Richard Coad, Raven Cogan, Ella Davis, Collin Frederick, Ashlyn Goentzel, Allyssa Hall, Davin Henderson, Khysen Heskin,Braydon Jackson, Joshua Jeffers, Collin Jones, Cooper Kite, Marli McGinnis, Benjamin Pendergast, Emma Potter, Adyson Powers, Hosea Smith, Billie Stratton, Jace Sweeden, Charles Trease, Joshua Turney, Hayden Williams, Fiona Wilson, and Vance Woods 
High School:   Maria Anjos, Namiya Avel, David Brown, Nathan Brushwood,Gracie Carlson, Ylenia Caruso, Sadie Cayer, Ava Cline, Molly Cline, Lindsey Clizer, Mackenzie Conard, Kristen Crockett,Hailey Deffenbaugh, Ayden Dowd,Payton Dunham, James Ellis, Emma Evnard, Lauren Finke, Craig Gabbert, Sophie Grier, Luke Hamilton, Angel Johnson, Hailey Knox, Christian Larrabee,Skyler Laney,  Elycia Landsdown, Alexander Levingston,Cheyenne Marks, Madisyn Matlick, Macey McGregor, Maddie Mc Millian, Vincent Merritt, Sara Miller, Shawn Newkirk,  Kamron Nikjeh, Ariana Nower, Allison Paden, Emilee Pixler, Kaitlyn Reinke, Avery Rothwell, Ronald Scott, Zoe Stigmas, Leonard Strobbe, Jorja Trelow, Emily Van Natta, Morgan Van Natta, Wyatt Wallingford, Dominic Williams, Carl Yeager, and Hadley Yoder 

 Bring in your old jeans and shoes for these causes!!! 


* Community Celebration of Life Planned Dec. 20

Recycled:     1008 Washington Street – 1932, two-bedroom bungalow- Baily Hiatt 
The youngest home on the tour at just 90-years old, this charming bungalow was built at the tail end of  the American Bungalow architectural movement (1905-1930s). Few true bungalows were built after the early 30s. The current owner, teacher Bailey Hiatt, comes from a family who owns an auction house, and she has grown up amongst collectors experienced in discovering pieces that are authentic and historic.

Candlelight Homes Tour Delights

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