The Weston Board of Aldermen met Friday, July 11, rescheduled from July 8, when the board was unable to gather a quorum.
In Friday’s meeting, the board discussed having a registry of renters so the city would have contact information and emergency services would know if there were more than one family within a structure.
The discussion was in response to a finding by Planning and Zoning that R-3 Zoning permits two distinct households under one roof, so that an Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance was not needed. 
Aldermen said that anyone adding an apartment within their existing home (in R-3 Zoning) would need a building permit and that fire walls between the two living quarters would be required.
Planning & Zoning also recommended that future subdivisions using R-3 Zoning (one and two family housing) be preferred over strictly Single Family (R-1 and R-2).
Alderman Steve Unfred said those zoning requirements are “unlike anything in the Kansas City area.” He noted that many subdivisions are able to have 7 1/2 foot side yards, while R-1 and R-2 require double or more side yards.
• R-1 Minimum requirements include  a 20,000 square foot lot with a forty-five (45) setback from the street right-of-way line or an existing building line 20 foot side yard and a rear yard of 35 feet.
• R-2 requires 20,000 square feet if on septic or 14,000 on sewer, 80 feet wide lot, with a 40 foot front yard setback and side yards of 15 feet and 30 foot rear yard.
• Minimum requirements for R-3 are 7200 square foot lots with a 60 foot width, front setback of 30 feet, side yards of eight feet and rear yards of 25 feet.
Lowering the size requirements would make for more compact development and make utilities and streets more efficient. Any of the lots in any of the zoning districts could be larger. The numbers for each are minimum requirements.
The Board approved renewal of 12 Liquor Licenses, a new Coffee cart business, Tucker Time Coffee, and the appointment of Paige Dryden to the Weston Park Board. They also approved appointments to the Weston Housing Authority Board, Sonjia Wilson, Hannah Magee, William McQueen, Peggy Darnay and Kelly McNair.
Events that were approved were the July 6 Street Dance by McCormick Distilling Co (confirmed Mayor’s approval from before the event), Celtic Ranch’s 3rd Annual 0.08 K Race on August 3, and West Platte FFA Harvest Dinner September 8.
Aldermen are still studying a request to allow Golf Carts on City Streets.
A house at 210 Thomas was declared a dangerous building. At the Budget meeting June 22, Chief Kelly Clark said he was on a call at that house and felt the building should be declared a dangerous building due to the unsanitary conditions in the house and that the roof is leaking several places. 
Other highlights of the June 22 meeting were that the board approved the sale of her vest to Corrine St. Claire, who has resigned from the Weston Police Department. Because they are generally made to fit, the request was approved.
Chief Clark also said the Department is being audited by the state with four different audits. “Normally they are every three years, but they have not been done since COVID and now the State is trying to catch up,” he said.
Eric Mosier reported that the sewer system is nearing capacity. Mayor Stelljes later said they are working on a plan to add capacity.
Alderman Joyce Burch said the city needs to start allocating money for streets. Alderman Unfred asked what the City needs to do to pass a tax. The minutes say the Board will discuss the again at the July Board meeting, although it was not on the agenda.

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On the heels of Platte County Treasurer Rob Willard’s opposition to  a large and extended sales tax on the August Ballot, comes a complaint about Mr. Willard by the County Recorder, Christopher Wright and rebuttal by Auditor Kevin Robinson.
Mr. Willard said two weeks ago, “I support the principle but not the plan,” Willard said, emphasizing his support for an expanded jail. “Twenty years is too long for a tax like this. If approved, a whole generation of Platte County voters will be denied the right to act as a check on government.”
The 1/2¢ sales tax, if passed, would raise $400 million over 20 years for an $80 million jail expansion, plus additional building costs and staff. 
The Commissioners say the money could only be used for the jail.
Mr. Wright, in a late night e-mail, claimed that money from his office that is turned over to the Treasurer’s Office daily, was misdirected and deposited into the wrong banks over a six week period.
He has requested an audit by Auditor, who had already started one. Wright alleges that returned receipts of revenues are never correct, take forever to get, emails are being requested for receipts that were turned in 3 months ago. “How have you reconciled your books and done your job if you don’t have my receipts that I emailed and have record of emailing?” Wright asks.
In reply,  Auditor Kevin Robinson replied that “Funds are accounted for and there is no evidence any of the Recorder of Deeds or other offices daily receipts were deposited into the “wrong banks and bank accounts”.
There were daily receipts posted to the wrong general ledger account. These were identified and have been corrected.
Mr. Robinson said there were two office audits underway. The Treasurer’s Office is standard practice upon key personnel changes (death of the Chief Deputy). 
A required transitional audit  The Sheriff’s Office, triggered when there is a change in office holder, is expected to take more than three months. Sheriff Mark Owen is retiring, and his second-in-command, Major Erik Holland is the only candidate running for the office.
On Monday, Mr. Willard issued concerning the Treasurer’s remarks.
“It is telling that the Recorder’s statement was released a week after my statement regarding the jail tax appeared in several Platte County newspapers.
“The funds in question were not “misdirected” or deposited in the wrong bank account. All funds have been and continue to be deposited in the correct financial institutions. The only mistake was a part of the receipt referring to the bank where the funds were deposited. A minor but regrettable mistake, but all County funds were accounted for at all times and receipted to the correct revenue lines. 
“The Recorder’s press release referenced to a “misplaced” $2.5 million. The funds were not misplaced but rather invested in a United States Treasury note, pursuant to Missouri law.”

Aldermen Discuss Renter Registry

Celebration of Life for former Superintendent Kyle Stephenson​​

Tour Shows Jail Conditions Unsafe

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A Celebration of Life was held Wednesday July 17 at 5:00 at the home of Josh and Mindy Cook for Kyle Stephenson, who passed away Saturday. 
The Cooks live at 18595 Lober Rd.
Mr. Stephenson was Superintendent of West Platte Schools from 2000 to 2012, the longest serving Superintendent since Rudy Eskridge in the 50’s and 60’s.

Many of the inmates in the Platte County Jail are living three to a 7 by 13 foot space that includes two bunks and a bed on the floor, one small table, a toilet and sink. Sheriff Mark Owen said fights can break out in the cells because of the overcrowding
The jail was built to house 150 and now sometimes holds as many as 240.

Weapons (left) fashioned from metal pulled from doors, vents and even a screw from a door were displayed during a presentation at Weston City Hall Monday night.
Sheriff Owen and Major Erik Holland said overcrowding and the deterioration of metal in the building were increasing danger to both inmates and staff.