Tanner Lawson Joining Buchanan County R-IV

Weston’s Planning & Zoning Commission is studying changes to the Nuisance ordinance that could short-circuit property neglect before a structure needed to be declared a dangerous building.

The Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard kicked off the new season in style last weekend with a Chamber ribbon cutting Friday and Cherry Festival Saturday.
The weekend was the debut of the Vineyard’s first two wines, Sweet Liberty and Earl’s Reserve.
Coming up for the Orchard, besides the cherries, are blackberries  (in July), peaches (mid July to September) and apples (mid August to November).

MDC bands 18 peregrine falcon chicks at Kansas City area nest sites

Members of the Mo-Kan VW Club, sporting their 2019 T-shirts, presented a check for $2,000 to the Farmers House Saturday. Those involved were (from left to right): Weston Mayor, Steven George; Chad Cunningham, Set and Anna Goeke, Dawn Paige, Farmer Taylor Knoll, and show planner Jason George.

Tanner Lawson is leaving West Platte, as well, but moving to be the teacher and coach to high school principal at Buchanan County R-IV, DeKalb-Rushville School District. “I’m ready to take the next step,” he said. “DeKallb reminds may of my home town and small rural school. There are a lot of teachers who are from there and have been there awhile. They haven’t lost their sense of home.”


It’s not just Volkswagons that interests the Mo-Kan VW Club. Each year, the club holds a show in Weston (VolksWeston), and each year, they use the show to raise money for The Farmers House.
“Chad Cunningham identified The Farmers House as a worthy local charity back in 2011 when Mo-Kan first brought the show to Weston , said this year’s show planner Jason George. “He named our show VolksWeston and has remained the liasion between Mo-Kan and The Farmers House since.”

What do you do if you find an orphaned fawn?  The answer is simple, leave it alone and leave the area.  
It’s safe to make the assumption that there is no such thing as an orphaned fawn because doe’s do not give birth to fawns then just walk away to abandon them.  Their maternal instinct is too strong.  
Many people don’t like my answer when I tell them to do nothing but people cannot care for a fawn as well as its natural mother.  Helping baby wildlife, especially fawns, is one of the worst things you can do for them. By helping baby wildlife, you lower the animal’s chance for survival by causing undo stress on the animal, and your presence actually prevents the mother from caring for the new born.

Orphaned Fawns

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The Housing Authority City of Weston, MO is seeking an Office assistant/assistant to Director permanent part-time. Basic computer and office skills are required, Word and Excel and file maintenance. This position will require customer service/case management for Section 8 recipients and we will train the right individual.  Please submit resume via fax 1-816-386-4048 or email: westonhsg@kc.rr.com .

VW Club Raises $2,000 for The Farmers House

School Administrators Off to New Ventures

West Platte Band Alumni!!!

Erik and Kilee Olson honored neighbors who have been enormously supportive of the orchard  during its development by naming their first two wines from the vinyard after them. The white wine is named “Sweet Liberty,” while the red wine is named Earl’s Reserve, after Earl Benner, Jr. They enjoyed time with Connie, Dixie, Floyd and Stan Liberty and the ribbon cutting Friday.

Tara Gastineau (left) and Marcia Hobbs are employed at the KCP&L Iatan Power Plant and assist MDC with the peregrine falcon program at the generating station. But in this photo, they visited the Commerce Tower nest site this spring in downtown Kansas City and held falcons banded by MDC biologists.

Rebecca Henshaw Retires After 30 Years in Education

Another Season Starts for Apple Orchard

 the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) banded 18 peregrine falcon chicks this spring at nests in the Kansas City metro area. Rainy weather hampered nesting success for the falcons, said Joe DeBold, MDC urban wildlife biologist. But falcon pairs produced young at seven nests in the metro area. The expansion of nesting sites continues and biologists hope to remove the falcons from the list of Missouri’s endangered species in 2020.

Job Posting

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School was winding down, and for once, Rebecca Henshaw’s only plan is to finish up a 30 year career in education. Only days from retirement, she said she had no plans at all. That’s a big change for someone who has been driven to excell in her career.
She started teaching fourth grade at West Platte right out of college, and was here five years. She left for a ten year stint at Smithville.

City P & Z Grapples with Demolition by Neglect Issues

We would love to have you march in the July 4th Parade this year!
 Dust  off that instrument.  We will have a short rehearsal July 3rd at 10am in the high school band room. 
Contact Chris Sullivan at sullivanc@wpsd.net if you are interested.